How to withdraw funds?

Withdrawal of funds is only available to clients who have uploaded their supporting documents and had their trading account validated. Clients should log into their account to upload their supporting documents (proof of identity and proof of address) and once the client trading account has been validated they will be able to withdraw funds from their trading account.

Our Automatic funds withdrawal

We at Nor Trade are fully aware that a completely transparent withdrawal service is absolutely pivotal to cultivating a healthy broker/trader relationship. Our withdrawals are entirely automatic, ensuring they occur swiftly.

Required Documents:

  1. A copy of an official identification document must be given: Any government issued ID, Driver’s license, passport, etc. It must contain your full name, an up-to-date photo, date of birth, current address and expiry date. All of the edges must be visible
  2. Proof of Address: A bill (Phone/ Bank/ Utility/ Insurance) containing your: full name, current address, date of issue. Please ensure the bill is from within the past 3 months. Any older bills will not be accepted.
  3. If you deposit funds into your account via a credit or debit card, a color copy of the front and back of the card must be provided. The front copy should include your: full name, the first six and last four digits (Please cover the middle 6 digits) and the expiry date. The back copy must include: Your signature (Please cover the CVV code). Credit card copies without a signature will not be approved.

Please note that all the edges of the card must be visible and clear to read.

Nor Trade is always working to upgrade our withdrawal services by continuously perfecting and developing better electronic systems to ensure the best service.

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