Trading On the go

Trade Forex through your Smartphone

Nor Trade is the leading company in the field of software and digital solutions, as our software design is specifically made to fit our investor’s needs. Nor Trade enables you to trade directly on your smartphone, through our effective platform you will be able to trade immediately and with ease through the best implementation of Smartphone trading.

Trade on the go!

Today, financial trading is in the palms of your hands wherever you are, as long as there is coverage, you can enter your applications and see the movement of world markets with ease. It is also a comfortable method to oversee your account when it is not possible to access a computer.

Nor Trade offers technologically advanced trading software systems especially for the use of online trading through your smartphone. Through mobile, the investor is able to see prices and make trade deals through it which fulfills our investor needs to always keep in touch with price movement at all times.

We honor the commitment to help you get the maximum benefit from trading systems and services that we have available. We have developed the following inventive products and software solutions specifically so that you can depend on it with utmost confidence, for example:

  • An advanced trading platform
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Trade directly through the site
  • Smartphone trading platform

We excel at Nor Trade with a wide experience that places us at the forefront of introducing specialized financial solution in the field of trading in Forex, CFDs, and other financial products

Advantages of trading through your Smartphone:

  • Free Trade: fast execution, stop commands, and treat unresolved trade deals.
  • Ability to view the wallet details unique to a given date of trade
  • Usable whenever internet coverage for your Smartphone is available
  • Complete Management of your private account
  • Guarantee the security and safety of your trades
  • Compatible with Android devices
  • Available notification commands

Why trade through your mobile phone?

Trading through your mobile phone is the real definition of the concept of financial markets and investment, and that applies especially to the Forex market that brings millions of investors and trades from all around the world to search for successful investment opportunities in the moment it happens or immediately after! Being able to predict events before they even occur is ultimate secret for trading and achieving huge and special financial gains.

For example:

consider a few years ago when Facebook announced the completion of its deal to buy the WhatsApp application for 19 Billion American Dollars, those who risked and expected the success of this deal anticipated the rise of the Facebook and Whatsapp in their respective manner before the event happens. Of course, this prediction was correct, and those who deposited hundreds of dollars into this trade deal reaped huge return gains when they deposited.

Trading through the Smartphone is what keeps investors up to date with the latest most important impactful events on the financial markets around the world and in the local environment. This in turn affects the banks, markets, and giant investment companies in a direct way, as they will base their reactions on the results of these events and their effect on the market as they happen.

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