In any investment field, there are two important factors that contribute to how big of a profit will be made from a new market phenomenon, and they are:

  • The timing of the investment
  • The type of the investment

Investors who adopt new industries and investment tools with a coordinated timing on these two factors collect huge profits and that is due to their knowledge of the future impact of these assets in the market and psychology of companies, governments, and people. Today, Bitcoin enforces a certain golden influence over the market, as investors rush in looking for investment opportunities that include it. In addition, its popularity is higher than ever with a volcanic popularity and huge investment frequency. In one year, the price of a single bitcoin has climbed up to almost 10,000% from its original price. This is not an investment bubble, this is the real revolution in the money-ruled world today: question is, will people take the chance? This is the new form of finance, the new currency of the internet.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency traded on the internet with a design and a popularity spread that has started since 2009 and eventually continued its adoption worldwide due to the unique advantages and features that the currency offers to world markets. Today, millions of investors who have felt the great opportunities behind the digital currency call it the “the best currency in the world”. However, that is not its only advantage, as Bitcoin today holds the highest value for a currency as well as for the profits that a currency achieves for its investors, as the market holds it in an incredible precious position for trading and investment.

Bitcoin’s unit of measurement has the name “Satoshi” unit, a name it takes after its inventor Satoshi Nakamoto. It is also worth knowing that Bitcoin is an open-source programmed currency, and contains contributions from a large community of computer innovators that consists in the world’s best programmers and innovators, and that in turn drives it today to be recognized as the strongest and most technologically advanced currency of the 21st century.

Why didn’t I hear of Bitcoin?

Today, you can use Bitcoin to buy and sell whatever you want over the internet. There are thousands of websites and digital internet stores that accept Bitcoin as a standard payment, so its popularity is higher than ever. In addition, there are also store chains, hotels, and restaurants around the world that accept Bitcoin just like any other currency and even encourage its use. Even more, you can convert Bitcoin into any other currency like the Euro, Dollar, or even your local currency through the internet or regular exchange. If you browse through the internet, you will find it crowded with Bitcoin buyers and sellers who look to trade the golden currency, and then, you will know the level of investment appetite that surrounds this new powerful trading commodity. Bitcoin is the currency of the 21st century and you need a trusted provider to trade and handle Bitcoin.

Discover how to open the most powerful Bitcoin account on the market

New to Bitcoin?

As a new Bitcoin user, you can start to use Bitcoin without the necessity of previous technical knowledge on the subject. As soon as you initiate your Bitcoin wallet, you will have your own Bitcoin trading address and reference, just like with a normal bank account. Through this trading account, you can send and receive trading commands for Bitcoin and yield more when you need it. Bitcoin investment is mainly divided into two categories: using Bitcoin value mining (using it with its complex programming language for computer experts), or through the ideal way of investing it today, that expert traders are starting to wake up to: trading Bitcoin in the currency market.

How do I trade Bitcoin in the currency market?

Trade Bitcoin now using a leading platform and take advantage of the latest investment opportunity! With Nor Trade , you can:

  1. Trade Bitcoin as a currency in the Forex market
  2. Trade Bitcoin as a currency pair with the Dollar, Euro, or any other currency (What are currency pairs?)
  3. Trade Bitcoin with recommendations from an expert team of analysts that focuses on world events analysis

What are the factors that influence profit from Bitcoin trade?

To gain from Bitcoin trade we have to look at world new events as the most influencing factors on Bitcoin and its movement in the market. Follow world news and inspect your predictions closely to anticipate the movement of the price of Bitcoin. Of course, we will guide you step by step.

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  1. Predict from the course of geographical and organizational world events and their effect on the financial market and Bitcoin
  2. Benefit from decisions made by world banks and financial committees and their effect on Bitcoin
  3. Stay in touch with your financial adviser that we offer you for free
  4. Trade on Bitcoin with reliance on your prediction and special recommendations
  5. Gain financial opportunities

It’s a simple formula!

There are almost 7.3 billion people on earth, only 4 in every 3000 people have heard about Bitcoin. However, the investment appetite it is creating and its popularity is rising at an incredible rate.

Today, Bitcoin is the strongest investment for your future, as it is also an independent currency that is outside the control and jurisdiction of banks and world financial system, as it is affected only by its trade frequency and its mining rates just like any other independent asset on the market.

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